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Hi, I'm Georgie. I like to code and write. Welcome to my blog, where you will find some of my coding and writing. To start, you can take a look at my projects or read some of my posts - which as of this moment are still being ported over. Click on my face to find out more about me!


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  • Hoot Dat

    September 29 2020, 2 minutes read

    A real-time multiplayer question-and-answer guessing game designed for icebreakers and team bonding.

  • Real-time, AI-based Face Mask Detector

    September 17 2020, 1 minute read

    Learn how to build your very own real-time face mask detector (to catch people not wearing masks) through this workshop!

  • #StayHomeForSG

    August 01 2020, 1 minute read

    A dashboard built to raise public awareness of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Singapore.